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Traveling ACTS

The Red Act



A classic burlesque act with feather fans and a heavy dress of pearls, than ends in fire tassels. Originally made specifically for New Years Eve, but works great any time of the year. Fire tassels are quite small, they do not set off alarms and I have the Icelandic qualifications as a fire perfromer. Can be improvised to live music.
Videos of act:
Gaukurinn Reykjavík December 2018
Slipper Room, New Years Eve 2018



If you need a burlesque hosts that keeps the crowd entertained, knows how to line up a show and keep the energy and the respect for performers up, I am your lady. When I MC I usually bring one act too - most of the time the balloon act. ->I speak English, Icelandic, Danish and Scandinavian and adorably little of Spanish and French.


mem KabarettRVK-Akureyri-144.jpg

A short secretary bondage act with a phone chord. Extremely silly.

Video from Reykjavík Kabarett, February 2018



Feminine Mystique

It starts off as a cute feather fan act, but after discovering a period stain on her underwear  the routine changes into tampon frenzy - a shimmy belt made of glittered tampons and tampon tassels. This act has always recieved a standing ovation.

Video from Reykjavík Kabarett, November 2017 (attn: Now it is done to Gary and Larry's Garlic Bread and Sísí by Grýlurnar)


Leifur Wilberg Orrason mem DSCF5414.jpg

... Because every showgirl needs a red act! This act is my personal favorite. An energetic shimmy shake act with nipple tassels and assels. The song is from the sixties, a "translation" of Aretha Franklin's Freedom, but is a very chauvinistic one about how his lady should relax. So this act is dedicated to all ladies that have ever been asked to "chill" or "relax." "Never in the history of calming down has anyone ever calmed down by being told to calm down." The act completely stands on it's own, weather you understand the lyrics or not. High energy, playful, tassels, assels... what more do you want? 
Video of this act from Reykjavík Kabarett
Video of this act from Best of Burlesque, Edinburg Fringe 2018



Pop it - 6-12 minutes 

A classic balloon strip that emerges into balloon deep throating and knife throwing. This is an audience participation bit where a member of the audience assists me, bursting a balloon inside of her and then being her helper for knife throwing. The act mixes skill, comedy, sexy, and the danger of balloon popping but can be tame in terms of nudity if venue requires. When I MC I bring this act with me. When I perform this outside of Iceland it is performed to Björk’s It’s oh so Quiet, but music, styling, colors of balloons can easily be altered to fit the theme of your night. This has also performed  with live music. This act is great for variety shows and for variety in burlesque shows, since it is a clowning audience participation bit.
Video of this act performed at The Slipper Room in New York March 2016


mem 29517622848_5d3d546078_k.jpg


A beautiful act where I stamp on grapes and do a whole lot of tassel twirling. Costume is a greco-roman inspired by the Bacchae, the followers of Bacchus/Dionysus who made wine and enjoyed the party that followed. Perfect act for your wine tasting club or if you want something educated to elevate your sleasy night of burlesque. Unfortunately I don't have a video of this act yet because it has always been performed at such exclusive parties. Ehemm.

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