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The Burlesque Queen of Reykjavík in Reykjavík Grapevine. A really fun interview, if I say so myself, by Juliana Iluminata Wilczynski with lovely photos by Art Bicnick who always makes me look great! Also: Shout out to Grapevine, that has been great in covering variety entertainment!

National Geographic: An inside Look at the Unique Life of Circus Performers

"Documenting Sirkus Islands, Iceland’s first and only circus, Fritz recognized that many who joined were seeking an “alternative life plan outside the materialist world, and would generate a new form of family within the collective.”

Wonderland Magazine:


"Dropping the accompanying video for their brilliant track “Overboard” today, it stars some of Iceland’s top drag and cabaret performers. Showing off their mesmerising talent, it’s a completely captivating video that you won’t be able to stop watching."

Gorilla Arthouse: Meet Miss Mokki by Matt Roper

"Also showing the female body not only as sexy or vulnerable, but as funny, powerful and a tool of talent is important to me. But as an extra lovely lady, I think taking back sexuality on my own terms is also empowering. Maybe someone in the audience feels empowered too." 

Gay Iceland: Icelandic Drag and Burlesque in New York

"What I find beautiful about the variety scene anywhere is the comradery – we work together to make the scene, respect the art form and nurture it."

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