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A unique opportunity to indulge in the exciting world of burlesque in a safe and encouraging environment.

Brú country estate is a queer owned and run hotel and venue, about an hour's drive outside of Reykjavík. The teachers are world class and there is plenty of workshops to choose from for all levels - from absolute beginners to professionals.


Burlesque weekend at Brú country estate, Nov 4th-5th



Tansy is one of the most exciting burlesquw producers in New York at the moment. She completely changed the game bringing the bohemian living room party back to life with Tansy's Polite Society. Her newest venture Tansy's Carrot machine is the leading platform of act development in the city. 

STAGE PRESENCE - Living in the present moment onstage

Saturday 1:30pm-2:45
Enjoying the moment we create with the audience. Body, face, connection. A luxury class to start the weeknd with a bang. Level: Midlevel - for people with some experience. Good for beginners who want a real challenge.



How to develop your act

Sunday 2:30pm-3:45pm

Tame your ideas and tell a clear story. Take the audience on a journey. Tansy is a trained actress and uses drama and theater in her burlesque acts.
Midlevel - for people with some experience. This is a talk class, so it is fun to listen to for people off all levels.


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Bobbie Michelle is one of Reykjavík's must versatile entertainers. She performs circus for kindergartens and traches bachelor parties to twerk, as well as charming the masses at burlesque shows. 



Saturday 3pm-4pm

Hula hoops are a great way to understand props and other flow toys and to se the options. Please notice that no knowledge of hooping is required for the class.

Level: All

Bobbie Michelle


Ava Gold is a burlesque performer, pole dancer and visual artist who is the best in the country in making pasties! 


SunDAY 10:30AM-12PM
We will bring plenty of rhinestones, tassels, glue and all that so you can make pasties that are perfect for your chest!

Level: All

Ava Gold


Sigga Ásgeirs will get our bodies and mind going and opens up both the Saturday and Sunday with Sensual Fusion. She is one of Kramhúsið Dance Studio's most popular teachers and has a great taste in both music and sensuality.


Saturday 1pm-1:30pm 

Sunday 10am-10:30am

Sigga Ásgeirs

Mr Gorgeous has been charming audiences around the globe since 2007.  Gorgeous has been awarded "Most Comedic" at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in 2013 and "Mr Exotic World - King of Boylesque 2014" He's also the owner and designer of "Mr Gorgeous NYC" - a unique costuming company specializing in spandex and sculptural costumes for circus, burlesque and nightlife personalities. He’s dressed some of the brightest stars in the biz ranging from Lady Gaga, some of Broadways finest dancers and some of the top queen’s in the drag scene,like Jinxx Monsoon and Ben de la Chreme, to name a few. 



Saturday 4:30pm-6pm

How do we make the costume help us in the act? Can a costume be more than a gimmick we take off? What lights work best with certain colours? Mr. Gorgeous will spill his guts and give us plenty of great ideas.

Level: All


Sunday 1pm-2:15pm

Mr. Gorgeous is known for his humor and charisma, and in this workshop we will use how to use those and act to connect to the audience. 

Level: All

Mr. Gorgeous

mem 37357516181_20fe15a6e1_o.jpg

Margrét Maack or Miss Mokki is the Undisputed First Lady of Icelandic Burlesque. She is the pioneer in a vobrant scene and is a great midwife of acts, helping performers make acts and finding their stage persona. 

Saturday 1:30-2:45pm

What is burlesque? Basic moves and history. Class will take into account the ability and expectations of students. 


Sunday 1pm-2:15pm

The newst trend in burlesque shows is recreating bohemian home parties of the 20s and 30s. These shows do not have a proper stage, lights, and proximity to the audience can create challenges, as well as people are sitting all around you! WHAT TO DO?

Level: For people with a solid background in burlesque or those who simply plan to put on a show at the next party they attend!

Margrét Maack

gógó IMG_2964.JPG

Gógó Starr is a drag queen and a boylesque entertainer and a force to be reconed with! Gógó will celebrate their 30th birthday with spending the weekend with us! Gógó Starr has recently toured Europe and will be fresh and ready to teach all they know at the retreat!


Sunday 1pm-2:15pm

The newst trend in burlesque shows is recreating bohemian home parties of the 20s and 30s. These shows do not have a proper stage, lights, and proximity to the audience can create challenges, as well as people are sitting all around you! WHAT TO DO?

Level: For people with a solid background in burlesque or those who simply plan to put on a show at the next party they attend!

Gógó Starr

Maine Anders captivates audiences every time she hits the stage. Coined the “Triple Threat of Burlesque” (dancer/actress/singer) she’s performed domestically and internationally, from MGM Grand*s Studio 54 in Las Vegas, Le Bus Palladium (Paris), Buddha Bar (Beirut, Lebanon) to Dragon-i in Hong Kong. Energetic, sensual, and wildly charismatic, her uninhibited rhythmic style and sense of humor blend an ensemble of samba, belly dance, African, improvisation and contortion, and pole dancing into a movement she’s defined as *Burlesque Fusion.*  


Saturday 4:30pm-6pm

Maine has a special gift of using costumes and props as part of the storytelling and choreography. The boa and gloves become puppets and partners in the chorography and she will teach you all of her secrets! 

Level: All

Please bring boa and gloves if you have them. We will have some to lend, but not for everyone.


Sunday 10:30pm-12:00pm

Maine has 25 years of experience in burlesque, strip and nightlife. This workshop is a heart to heart where Maine will answer everything you need to know, gossip a little bit, tell marvellous stories and give keys to an international burlesque carreer. 

Level: All

Maine Attraction

maísól KabarettRVK-Akureyri-4.jpg

Maísól is an entertainer, visual artist, theater producer and an educated clown. She gratuated from The Commedia School in Copenhagen and will teach how clown technique works in burlesqu, drag, circus and in life itself.


Saturday 2:45pm-4pm

Humour is a great asset in burlesque. Clown technique is grat to deal with unforeseen circumstances that are a part of live entertainment, help us to move the narration onwards as well as make the moments we create bigger and more memorable.

Level: All. Great for adventurous beginners as well as professionals that want to be better.


Scorpio Venus is the most important player in the Reykjavík burlesque scene. They have made a carreer of stage managing burlesque shows, doing all the invisible but oh so important work to make the show go on.


Sunday 2:30pm-3:45pm

Many people have their first burlesque experience through kitten work, that is, being a stage hand at cabaret show. Sara Líf will teach technical work and terms, how to line up a show, controlling expectations and tell funny stories about backstage drama.

Scorpio Venus



Brúlesque - yfirlit og peningar-4.jpg


You can split the payment in up to three payments. 

Saturday+Sunday, full program and food: 49,000 IKR

Saturday, full program and food:

36,000 IKR

Sunday, full program and food: 16,000 IKR


Per night, alone in a room: 18,000 IKR

Per night, shared room: 12,000​​ IKR*

*Please note that if you choose this option you must tell us who your bunk partner is, we do not put people in a room together that do not know each other.

What are you registering for?
How do you want to pay?
And will yoube alone in a room or with someone?

1. Force majeure: If we need to, due to weather, we might have to workshops in Reykjavík. People will then get a voucher to use at Brú for the accommodation later.
2. You will be on your best behavior, and will respect others. Breaking this rule will lead to immediate suspesion and no refunds. 

3. If you need to back out you will get a full refund up to two weeks prior to the starting date. You can give away or sell another person your spot if you need to.

Takk fyrir skráninguna, við verðum í sambandi.

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