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Burlesque workshops 2022-2023
Um tímana

​Hér eru upplýsingar um næstu gestanámskeið sem Margrét Maack stendur fyrir. Námskeiðin eru kennd á ensku og því eru upplýsingar um þau á ensku. 


Broody Valentino

Broody Valentino, the “Teddy Bear With Claws,” is a Boylesque performer based in New York City. A graduate of the New York School of Burlesque, Broody's mixture of the classic and the irreverent has made him a fixture on the NY Boylesque scene. Balancing theatricality and camp has garnered him the epithet “The Telenovela of Burlesque.” which has allowed him to perform for the 2018 Life Ball in Vienna, Austria, headline at the 2019 Capitol Burlesque Expo in Ottawa, Canada, receive the Legends Award at the 2018 Burlypicks World Championship, and be crowned the reigning King of New Jersey Burlesque at the New Jersey Burlesque Festival. His other awards include the titles Best Overall, Master of Improv, and Master of Amazement at the first New Jersey Burlypicks Regional, the Golden Tassel for Best Boylesque at the 2017 Philadelphia Burlesque Awards, and The Beautiful Weirdo award at the 2017 Alterna-tease Neo-burlesque festival. A proud member of the Latinx Burlesque community, Broody enjoys challenging the concepts of masculinity and body image through the use of humor, sensuality, and style showing audiences that the big guys can sparkle with the best of them!


Tyler West: Act Development January 22nd at 2pm in Kramhúsið

A discussion about acts. Great to get your mind rolling on making new acts, also feel free to bring acts you want commented on. A laid back workshop for people. brimming with ideas and those who feel unispired. 

90 minutes - 2900 kr - You can lend a pair of feather fans for 3000 kr. 

Screenshot 2022-12-03 at 17.29.18.png

Feather Fans!

January 21st at 2:30pm


Why is Broody so good with his hands? Well, he is a pupeteer in his other job! Learn all the tips and tricks of juggling and handling this staple prop of burlesque. The class is a mix of technique, flow work and choreography. 

Aimed for people with knowledge or dreams of burlesque, drag, pole or cabaret.

90 minutes - 3900 kr - You can lend a pair of feather fans for 3000 kr. 


Tyler West

The New York Times described "West is tireless... and manages to always be in the moment, reacting to whatever everybody around him is doing without coming across as obnoxious."  Tyler is a New York City-based artist and performer. He is originally from Tucson, Arizona where he graduated from The University of Arizona with a B.F.A. in Acting.  ​ Inspiration to become a professional clown happened when he saw a Cirque Du Soleil show in 7th grade. After he would research clowns on Youtube and practice by making funny faces at himself in the mirror. Since then he has studied under clown mentors like Philippe Gaulier, Aitor Basauri, David  Shiner, Stefan Haves, Amy G, Julia Proctor, Eric Davis & Sophie Amieva.  His solo show "The Wait" has toured many festivals and won several awards like "Best Story Telling" (London Fringe) & "Staff Pick Award" (Minnesota Fringe).   There are no limits to all the things Tyler can do. He has traveled the world performing, hosting and creating material that has entertained countless audiences. 

About the classes

Here is information and registration for the next guest workshops run by Margrét Maack. Registration is below.

Námskeið: //Workshops:

Eitthvað annað sem þú vilt að komi fram eða spyrja um?

Er þetta jólagjöf? Er greiðandi annar en sá sem er að taka námskeiðið? 
Anything else you want to add? Is this a Xmas gift? Are you surprising someone? Is the person paying different than the person taking the course?

Margrét sendir reikning frá reikningaþjónustunni Konto og krafa kemur í heimabankann. Skráning telst fullgild þegar greiðsla hefur átt sér stað. Takmarkað pláss er í tímana og síðasti séns til að fá endurgreitt er tíu dögum áður en námskeið á sér stað.

Margrét will send an invoice through Konto billing service, and you will get a charge in your internetbank. Last chance to get reimbursed is ten days prior to the workshop.

Takk! Skráning er móttekin og þú færð reikning þegar Margrét kemst í handavinnuna. 

Thank you! I have recieved your registration and you will recieve an invoice once i have time to send it. 

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