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Which class(es) would you like to attend?

Margrét will send you an email with information on how to pay for the classes, and registration is fulfilled once payment has taken place. Due to Covid there is a limited space for each class - and therefore, if you have to get a refund, last time to do so is April 11th. 

Thank you for your registration, I will be in touch within 24 hours




Margrét has been a dance teacher at Kramhúsið Dance Studio for 17 years and is one of the most popular teachers there. Body positivity and respect are her goals when it comes to teaching, and she believes that physical and mental health can be cultivated through dance. 

Margrét recieved the Icelandic Dance Awards in 2014 for best teacher. She is a fun teacher who explains moves and steps in an easy manner, and specializes in teaching absaloute beginners. She was the dance instructor of the (male) German National Handball team in preparation of the European Championship in 2016, which they won. In 2018 she was a part of the chorus in Rocky Horror at Reykjavík City Theater. Margrét has travelled both the US and Europe multiple times as a burlesque performer and is a regular performer at the legendary cabaret club The Slipper Room in New York.

Margrét is also a known media personality in Iceland and has worked in both RÚV and Stöð 2.



When you enter and exit Sindrabær, please have a mask on. We do not need masks while the classes are taking place since we can be two meters apart. 

I will offer dance classes in Höfn, April 16th and 17th. Classes will be taught in Sindrabær. 

Friday, April 16th
17:30: Drag and Vogue

18:30: Shakes and twerk - Almost Sold Out

Saturday April 17th
13:00: Bellydance

14:15 Beyoncé - Almost Sold Out

15:30 Burlesque- Almost Sold Out


One class: 3500 kr

Two classes: 6500 kr

Three classes: 8400 kr

Four classes: 9600 kr

Five Classes: 10.500 kr


You register through the yellow form, and I will be in touch within 24 hours. Further information on individual classes can be found below. All classes cater to beginners, but advanced dancers will also enjoy them. Classes will be taught in a mix of Icelandic and English if needed.

The classes are fit for pregnant ladies, if they do not suffer from pelvic problems and are otherwise healthy.

Last chance to register is at 14:00 on April 15th, the day before I arrive. I want to stress that there is limited space in each class, so register sooner rather than later so you don't miss a spot.


Friday at 17:30

Do you need some great party tricks?Do you love RuPaul's Drag Race? Nuevo Disco, a hint of Vogue and a whole lot of good music. 

How to dress: Clothes that don't limit your movements. Indoor sport shoes or barefoot. 

60 minutes


Saturday at 13:00

The sensual dance of the East where the mystical and hip movements form a great movement cocktail that strengthens back, core and self esteem. Bellydance dates back thousands of years ago and is welcoming to all sorts of body types. Margrét started bellydancing due to back problems and it opened up a whole new world (pun intended) of dancing and body positivity. We will go over the history of the dance, learn basic movements and learn a short choreography. 

How to dress: Clothes that don't limit your movements, barefoot or in socks. Margrét will bring coin belts for participants.

60 minutes



Saturday at 15:30

Burlesque is a sexy vintage dance style of cabaret and variety shows, that is becoming very popular again. Margrét is a pioneer of burlesque shows in Iceland and is a fonding member of Reykjavík Kabarett and Búkalú. The class is a boost for the self esteem, that is a promise! Let your inner dive out in a safe environment.  

Please note that since burlesque is an adult form of entertainment and striptease, this class is an 18+.

How to dress: Clothes that don't limit your movements, barefoot or in socks. Margrét will bring coin belts for participants.

70 minutes


TWERK Friday at 18:30

We will loosen up our hips and have a laugh while at it. Twerk, shimmies and booty claps, great party tricks and brilliant music. A very different cardio. 

How to dress: Clothes that don't limit your movements. Indoor sport shoes or barefoot. 

60 minutes



Saturday at 14:15

If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow. -Beyoncé

Hair whips, twerks and a whole lot of babe moves inspired by Beyoncé's signature movement style and music. 

How to dress: Clothes that don't limit your movements. Indoor sport shoes or barefoot. 

60 minutes



Is it difficult to do two, even three classes in a row? If you are healty and have regular stamina, ou should be fine. The difficulty lies in keeping the focus. On the Friday we will dance and shake the week off. On the Saturday there is a 15 minute break between the classes to gain back focus and get some water and air between.  The Bellydance is not a cardio class, Beyoncé is a sweat class and the burlesque is easy on the body. When I bring classes such as these, the majority of people that attend are taking more than one class.


I am a horrible dancer with two left feet, will I be able to participate?  Oh yes, and perfect! My Speciality is teaching people just like you to find their coordination. If everyone was a great dancer, I'd be unemployed. And, you can fake it 'till you make it, and I will teach you how.

Is there an age limit? Children are very different. I'd say that people under 13 years of age might not enjoy the classes. I talk about pelvic movements, keggle mucles, abd sexual things. You are responsible for your kid and know what they can handle. The burlesque class is for people 18 years and up.

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